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The Tweedsmuir Community Company (TCC) is a community-led organisation that aims to meet a broad range of community needs.

It was set up by the Tweedsmuir community in 2007 when the Crook Inn was at risk of being lost to the community and converted to flats.

The TCC became a registered charity in 2013
Building a stronger community
The TCC is working to make the Upper Tweed a great place to live and to visit

Our Heritage

St LlolansCell

Upper Tweeddale has a rich heritage. Since the bronze age, its hills, rivers, moors and forests have provided the setting for stories to take place. There were the times of the Border Reivers, of the Covenanters, and of the introduction of sheep. A great dam was built. Poetry was written and songs sung.

Upper Tweeddale’s heritage helps make it a great place to spend time.

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