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The TCC welcomes new members, both those living locally and those living outwith the Tweedsmuir area. 

There are three categories of membership:

  • Full Members. Must be a member of Tweedsmuir community defined by postcodes ML12 6QJ, ML12 6QL, ML12 6QN, ML12 6QP, ML12 6QR, ML12 6QS and be on the electoral role. A full member has voting rights in the company. 
  • Associate Member. For those living outside the Tweedsmuir area. They don't have voting rights in the company.
  • Junior Member. Must reside in Tweedsmuir community as defined by above postcodes. Must be under 18 years old. No voting rights in the company. 

All members must support the aims of the TCC.

To join, fill in the form below and send a donation (minimum £1).