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In 2006, a speculator purchased Tweedsmuir’s 400-year-old Crook Inn with the intention of converting the building into residential flats. The Crook Inn, however, had been at the heart of community life for more than four centuries. There was outrage at its closure. Then there was action.

The community established the TCC in 2007 and launched the successful ‘Save the Crook’ campaign. As a consequence of the spirit, generosity and tenacity of the local people, the TCC now owns the Crook Inn and is planning for so that it can be once again at the heart of a successful and thriving community.

Consultation has been at the core of the ‘Save the Crook’ campaign and has shaped the social, architectural and business proposals that underpin the TCC’s new Community Hub plan. It is intended that this will feature as one of a number of core strategies that will emerge from the Community Action Plan currently being prepared for the Upper Tweed area.


Crook Inn


Upper Tweeddale has a richness of cultural inheritance, which over the centuries has depended on and shaped a thriving Crook Inn. Robert Burns and Walter Scott were regular visitors. They brought culture to Upper Tweeddale that still benefits the area today.

The Crook Inn generated employment, both directly and indirectly, which supported the local economy. Businesses grew up around the Crook. Everyone remembers the glass-blowers. The Crook was a place for people to meet and to hatch plans. A place where people could come together and celebrate. A place where people could talk.

The Community Hub project seeks to give a 21st-century embodiment to all that was best about the Crook Inn. Activity in and around the Hub will meet established community needs and will adapt to meet new needs as they arise. It will celebrate the cultural and environmental heritage of the area. The TCC will look for new ways to work together for the good of all.

And it will build skills and resilience into our immediate community that will help us serve the wider community of southern Scotland.


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